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kids understand - and learn things - differently.

. . . so if you feel like your words go in one ear and right out the other, it's because they do. No really - it's science!

Toddlers are just starting to understand the world, and for them, words "disappear" right after they leave your mouth.
To truly teach them, you've gotta engage with them in a way they can understand - using visual aids. Stinkerpants' charts serve as constant
reminders of hard concepts - like complex routines, new skills, or time ('cause come on, who really understands time?!). Talking to kids this
way provides them with a sense of control over their own lives - making for happier little ones with fewer tantrums and power struggles.

Build the tool that's perfect for your  family.

Pick one of the Stinkerpants' tantrum-reducing charts, then customize it with a whole slew of fun, lifestyle-oriented magnets.

Put an end to power struggles

Take the tantrums out of your child's day. When learning a new skill is fun, you don't have to fight every step of the way.

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Show them what tomorrow brings

Your schedule isn't just for you! Bring your kids a sense of safety, security, and predictability by showing them where they're going to be, when.

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Make their "To Do" List Fun

Stop dreading bedtime. A clear, visual routine shows your child what to expect and makes them an active participant in their routines.

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Kids love the cute magnets.
Parents love the subtle colors,
which won't interfere with decor.

Easily build the right tool for
your unique family, with magnets
for every activity or family situation.

Magnets are strong and won't fall
off accidentally. Charts can be washed
in the sink with soap and water.



Did you know...?

"Control your emotions, kid!"

Little kids literally cannot "control their emotions" until they're around five - but 43% of parents think they should be able to calm themselves by age three. Tantrums are a normal part of development, and an opportunity to teach your child about their emotions - and to practice patience yourself.

Every day, kids go hungry.

10.6 million kids who are eligible for a free or reduced-price breakfast go without, and the vast majority of kids who do receive school-year benefits go hungry in the summer. For every calendar sold, Stinkerpants will donate 10 meals to kids in need through No Kid Hungry.