By-the-week Growth Onesies for Babies

I've received a lot of emails and Facebook messages from people who'd like to know where I bought the weekly onesies I pose Charlie in every week.  So many, in fact, that I think it's about time I write a blog post about it.

They say no idea is original, and while I don't agree with that (as I'm sure most creative types wouldn't), I will say that this idea was 100% snagged from someone else.  So instead of giving you a step-by-step tutorial, I'll say this:

  • They aren't onesies, actually! It's the same white onesie every week, with a new number photoshopped on.
  • The idea came from Young House Love, and I put my own twist on it by posing her on the same quilt every week (her head used to be smaller than one of the circles!) and adding weekly highlights.
  • The lovely bloggers over at Young House Love wrote a tutorial about how they did it for their baby, and that tutorial can be found here.
  • This has been a really, really fun project. I haven't skipped a week since I started (which unfortunately wasn't until she was four weeks old), and I plan to stop when she's a year. At that point, I'm going to make a big Blurb coffee table book for us, plus one for her godmother and each set of grandparents.

Seriously, this project has been super fun - I highly recommend you try it yourself! And if you don't think you have the dedication to do it every week, try it for each month. :)


7 thoughts on “By-the-week Growth Onesies for Babies

  1. I probably only feel this way because I don’t have one.  But I think while most babies are pretty generic looking, Charlie is SO CUTE.  LOVE that smirk.

  2. I love these—you do such a great job on them and it’s so adorable to see how Charlie has grown and changed. I also love the quilt—is that handmade?

  3. Love it! I saw their post on the blog a bit ago. I don’t fully understand morphing the number, but my hubby is better at PS than I am. He can teach me. I teach him tricks in AI!

  4. Marion

    By the time Charlie turns 1, it’d be time for you to do my baby’s week-by-week! This was all part of my master plan :)

  5. Nikki

    Or for those of us not talented at Photoshop, there are a lot of Etsy sellers who sell month stickers that you put on a onsie. That’s what I’ve been doing.


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